Boone County Fair works to prevent visitors overheating

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STURGEON - The Boone County Fair began Tuesday and there was one major concern on people's minds: heat.

With high temperatures in the 90s all week, there is potential for heat-related illness.

Jeff Cook, the president of the Boone County Fair, said he hopes it doesn't prevent people from coming out.

He said organizers are doing everything they can to keep people cool. He mentioned two air-conditioned buildings and free water from Culligan.

"We hope that they'll endure the heat and come out and see what we have to offer at Sturgeon. Like I say, we have a lot of shade trees around to help try to keep cool," Cook said.

The Boone County Fire District will also be at the event to treat any heat-related illnesses that do arise.

The fire district recommends people take frequent breaks in the shade or air conditioning and drink plenty of water.