Boone County Fairgrounds to See New Management

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COLUMBIA - Boone County Commission accepted an agreement on Thursday that named TAG Events LLC as the new management of the Boone County Fairgrounds for the next two years.

The county commission will hold a final vote on Tuesday that will make TAG the new management. The county considers the two-year contract a "test program."

County officials say the "test program" will allow TAG to make the Boone County Fairgrounds an economic asset in the community. The program includes the county providing up to $200,000 annually for operation costs. Also, the county will share up to $75,000 of utility costs .

The program also allows the county to receive 70 percent of the profit until the $275,000 is offset. The county would then receive 30 percent of profits for any revenue generated beyond that amount.

Beginning January 1, TAG will gather information for the commission, so it can determine the future of the fairgrounds. Its research is aimed at increasing events at the venue.

District II Commissioner Skip Elkin looks forward to the future of the fairgrounds.

"This is an opportunity for the county to make the fairgrounds a viable, sustainable assest in the community," said Elkin.

Boone County will provide up to $200,000 annually for operational costs of the fairgrounds. The county will share the cost of utilities up to $75,000. 

The commission said Tag Events will be responsible for the fairgrounds' operations and marketing. 

Commission officials temporarily selected TAG to manage the land for three months beginning October 1, after the former manager resigned. 

The commission submitted a request for proposals to find long term management, and TAG submitted the only proposal sent the commission.