Boone County Family Resources celebrates 40 years of service

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COLUMBIA – Boone County Family Resources celebrated 40 years of service to people with developmental disabilities.

Robyn Kaufman is the Executive Director of Boone County Family Resources, and she said they serve more than 1,600 people with developmental disabilities from newborn babies to adults.

“We help them thrive in the community, connect with each other and achieve their goals,” Kaufman said.

Boone County Family Resources is the only agency like this in the area, but it does get help from other developmental disability service providers.

“We provide service coordination and meet with the family or individual and develop a plan to find out how they can reach their goals, live their life they would like to live, get a job, whatever their goals are. We might connect them to another service provider in town, so there’s a number of providers in town that helps support them reach their goals as well,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman said she thinks the agency is very important to individuals the agency helps.

Trish Wallace is a parent of a person with Down syndrome, and she said the agency has allowed her son to reach goals she never thought he would be able to.

“We have a college girl that comes with him twice a week, and he is now reading books at the library with her. He will never read with me, he never reads at home, and I all of his life never thought he never could read because he wouldn’t do it,” Wallace said.

Wallace said the agency has given her son and family connections personally and professionally that have helped guide and support them.