Boone County Fire Protection District rescues cow

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COLUMBIA- The Boone County Fire Protection District rescued one cow Monday, but could not save another.

The district said it received the call a little after 12:30 p.m. regarding two cows falling through ice in a pond. The district managed to rescue the first cow since it was closer to the shore of the pond. However, the second cow was older and much more tired, making the district unable to save it. 

Batallion Chief, Gale Blomenkamp, said the district responds to these kinds of call every winter and many times these issues occur because the animals are looking for water.

"When it comes to animals or horses or cows in the ponds, they're looking for a source of water and so when they find that, they naturally gravitate towards that weak spot of the ice and that's where they fall in," Blomenkamp said. 

He said the district goes through various methods to rescue cows in this situation.

"One is with rope to try to make a halter, it's very difficult to pull the cow out just by a rope around its neck and so we try to get a rope underneath its body, try to get some lift on it, to try and assist it out," Blomenkamp said. 

Another method includes using fire hoses as a sling and brute force to rescue cows in these situations.