Boone County Health Department predicts a rise in mumps cases

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia/Boone County Health and Human Services Department tracked a decrease in mumps cases reports when MU students were away for winter break. 

Eric Stann, Boone County's Health Department community relations specialist, said the department expects an increase in reports as students arrive back for school.

"We're just continuing to monitor the situation, working with all of our local providers, including MU Student Health and national officials, to monitor the situation," Stann said.

Pam Roe, MU Student Health Center's communication director, said it is difficult to record the current mumps case reports because MU students are just returning from winter break.

"It's too soon to tell. We have to give it a couple of weeks before we know and can give factual numbers," Roe said.

Overall, 343 cases have been reported and 309 of those cases are from MU students. 

Roe said fewer than 1 percent of MU students are infected with the virus.

Stann said the health department advises people experiencing symptoms to stay home for five days, keep good hygiene and avoid close contact with people.