Boone County Health Forum

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BOONE COUNTY- Boone County residents now have a chance to vote for their top three health priorities for the county. 

Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services is holding its second community forum on the county's health priorities Wednesday night at Activity and Recreation Center in Columbia from 5p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Residents are given six options on what the priorities should be for in the coming years for residents of Boone County.

"Those top three health priorities will shape our community health improvement plan," said Eric Stann, Community Relations Specialist. "Which will be implemented over the next five years with the help of our community partners and the public health system." 

The six options include: affordable housing; community engagement and inclusion; drugs and alcohol; medical and dental; mental health; and safety net/basic needs. The six options come after a 2018 focus group and community survey asked the community about their health concerns. 

However, health officials stressed the importance of voting. 

"The more people we hear from, the better product we will have," said Rebecca Roesslet, Senior Planner for Boone County Public Health Services. "And the more meaningful it will be for the community."

The next community forum will be held at the Southern Boone County Senior Center on Thursday. 

If you can't attend any of the community forums, health services has offered an online form for Boone County residents to use to vote. 

"We will want to encourage our residents to attend," said Stann. "We want to hear what they feel are the top three health priorities in Boone County." 

The voting for the online form will end September 1. 

The anticipated plan should be published in early 2019.  

[Editor's note: In the original version of this story a source's name was misspelled. It has since been corrected.]