Boone County Man Stabbed in the Chest

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BOONE COUNTY - An 18-year-old man was stabbed early Tuesday morning. The incident happened near Bethany and Bellview Drives.

The victim told the Boone County Sheriff's Department he was walking around the neighborhood and an unknown person appeared and stabbed him twice in the chest. He was immediately taken to Boone Hospital Center by a private vehicle and was treated for non-life threatening wounds.

A man who identified himself as "Polo," told KOMU 8 News he's been living in the neighborhood since he was 12.

"Whatever happens on this block stays on this block," he said. "No one's going to tell. No one's going to say anything, and that's just how this street is."

Polo said it's sad, but he's not going to say anything else because he doesn't want to put his family in jeopardy.  

The sheriff's department has not released any leads. If anyone has any information about this crime, contact Crimestoppers at 875-TIPS. All calls are held in confidence.