Boone County Provides Tips for Staying Safe in Apartments During Tornadoes

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COLUMBIA - In the wake of the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma, the Boone County Office of Emergency Management urged Mid-Missourians to plan safety precautions and prepare for severe weather.

Emergency Management says the average lead time for tornado warnings is 13 minutes. This means residents have about 13 minutes to get to safety if a tornado hits.

Brookside Downtown Apartments resident Trevor Karasek said he worries about his safety because he doesn't have a safe place to go to during a storm.

"Office management has never notified or instructed me in what to do during a storm," Karasek said. "I don't think we even have a basement."

If an apartment complex doesn't offer any safety instructions during storms, Emergency Management advises residents to demand that a safety plan be developed.

Adam Jensen is a resident of The Reserve Apartments and he said he has received e-mails on what to do during a tornado from his landlords.

"I live on the fourth floor," said Jensen. "The office management has advised us to move to lower ground if a tornado came by."

Emergency Management also advises residents to find a safe room or nearby outdoor, in-ground shelter with adequate ventilation and drainage.