Boone County Republicans are split between candidates

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BOONE COUNTY – The Boone County Republican Central Committee members were split between candidates in the Missouri Republican primary Tuesday.

Missouri was one of five states to vote on Tuesday. 367 delegates were up for grabs, with 52 in Missouri. After Tuesday's election, 60 percent of GOP delegates will be awarded.

GOP candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both campaigned in Missouri over the weekend. Before election results were in, Boone County Republican Central Committee Chair Mike Zweifel predicted both candidates would do well in the state.

Marco Rubio and John Kasich did not hold rallies in Missouri prior to the primary vote. Rubio suspended his campaign after losing to Donald Trump in his home state, Florida.

Zweifel said although the Boone County Republican Central Committee members support multiple different candidates, they will likely come together in the fall to try to beat Democrats. 

There were no official watch parties in Boone County Tuesday night, but Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder spoke at the Boone County Republican Central Committee meeting.

Kinder has not endorsed a candidate.

"The selection of the presidential nominee is for voters in the primary and caucuses and at the convention in Cleveland, and I'm going to leave that to them," Kinder said.

Committee members checked their phones throughout the committee meeting to stay up-to-date on election results.

A candidate needs to win 1,237 delegates or it will go to a contested convention.