Boone County Roads Closed

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BOONE COUNTY - Dozens of roads closed Thursday due to flooding in Boone County, which made driving risky. Boone County Emergency Managment listed 24 roads closed.

The rising water levels come after areas of Boone County received several inches of rain.

A road closed sign blocks a flooded Wilcox Road on Thursday, Oct. 2. Overnight rainstorms flooded 15 streets across Columbia.

On top of the rising water, there were two major incidents that were reported on Thursday. The first incident was a major crash that occurred on I-70 and involved four tractor trailers. The other incident was a water rescue that occurred near Route E after water swept a car off of the road.

Route E, just north of Columbia, inaccessible due to high water conditions on Thursday, Oct. 2.  

Boone County Emergency Manager Scott Olsen said many of the problems he observes stem from drivers attempting to navigate through flooded roads. 

"Or biggest issue that we're starting to see now is people driving through flooded roadways and then getting stuck, so we want to caution the driving public, if they come across a road that is flooded, to turn around and don't put themselves at risk," he said.

Some drivers choose to drive through high water despite emergency crew warnings on Thursday, Oct. 2. Driving on flooded streets is a big issues according to Boone County Emergency Manager Scott Olsen.


Beyond avoiding roads that are flooded, Olsen also says some tips for driving safely during the flooding include planning out your route ahead of time and driving slow and taking turns slowly.

In order to check if a road you plan on taking is closed, there is a list of closed roads in Boone County on the Boone County Emergency Managment's website

Olsen said once the rain stops completely, the roads should clear up in less than 24 hours.