Boone County Sheriff Investigates Centralia Police Chief

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CENTRALIA - The Boone County Sheriff's Department confirmed Tuesday that it is investigating Centralia Police Chief Larry Dudgeon regarding certain "allegations."

Centralia residents continued voicing complaints about Police Chief Larry Dudgeon Tuesday. Daniel Hubbard, along with several other residents, claim that not only did Dudgeon blackmail, abuse, and wrongfully terminate employees--but also shot a mentally handicapped man with a taser.

The allegations came about last month when the mentally handicapped man named Kevin, told Hubbard that Dudgeon shot him with taser to "make him a real police officer."  Later, Kevin changed his story and said that a wasp stung him.

There is controversial video that shows Kevin answering "yes" when asked if Dudgeon shot him with a taser. Board members and Dudgeon have not seen the video. Hubbard gave a copy to the Boone County Sheriff's Deparment.

During the board of aldermen meeting Monday, board members claimed they had conducted an investigation and found no evidence against Dudgeon. Kevin also told board member Farris Sanders that Dudgeon shot him with a taser, but soon after changed his story to a wasp sting.

Sanders said he does not think Dudgeon would ever shoot someone with a taser and said the board needs concrete evidence.

"Kevin is hard to understand sometimes, the  people that want to bring the accusations need to bring proof," said Sanders.  

Board member Don Bormann denied the claims on Dudgeon's behalf. Bormann believes Hubbard and other citizens are manipulating Kevin to force Dudgeon out of his office.

Hubbard is glad Boone County is getting involved. 

"Everything that's done here that involves the city, and they say it's done properly, but we see time and time again that's not the case," said Hubbard. 

KOMU 8 called Dudgeon numberous times and tried to find him at the police station. Dudgeon did not return any calls.