Boone County Sheriff Says \"Wait and See\" to Federal Gun Laws

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COLUMBIA - Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey said Friday he wants to "wait and see" before making a decision on whether or not he would enforce proposed federal gun laws.

Questions to law enforcement arise after two bills in the Missouri House and Senate have been introduced that would make future federal gun laws on semi-automatic firearms and magazine clip sizes unenforceable in the state. But Carey remained non-committal and said he would not make decisions based on "hypothetical" questions.

Carey also said he did not support a group of Missouri sheriffs that sent a letter to President Barack Obama in response to his calls for stricter gun laws on Wednesday.

Johnson County Sheriff Charlie Heiss called on sheriffs across the country in the letter to "rise to the defense and aid of all Americans should the federal government attempt to enact any legislation, or executive order that impedes, erodes, or otherwise diminishes their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I will use all means legal to meet this solemn and sacred responsibility."

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox and Lawrence County Sheriff Brad Delay also signed the letter Heiss sent.

Carey said the letter started out as a joint effort by the Missouri Sheriffs' Association, but he - and several other sheriffs - decided not to take part in it.

"Until we see something that need appropriate action I think we ought to just sit back and kind of wait and see what the situation is going to bring," said Carey.