Boone County to Begin eFiling Transition

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Court will begin transitioning to eFiling and hopes to be completely paperless by 2014. The process is part of a statewide initiative to have all state and county courts store information online.

Attorneys will submit paperwork online and the information would be accessible by computers inside the courtroom. Boone County Court Administrator Kathy Lloyd said the change will save the court time and money as well as make work easier for judges and lawyers.

"We won't be purchasing all the file folders, paper costs will decrease and mail costs will decrease because people will be able to access documents online," Lloyd said.

The court budgeted $25,000 for the switch. Most of that money will be spent on computers that will be placed at the judges benches in the courtroom. Money will also go to the extra labor it will take to scan documents and upload them to a server.

"We have to put computers on all the benches and also have computers for the clerks in the courtroom. We'll equip the judges' chambers with computers and we'll also be purchasing a number of scanners," Lloyd said.

Callaway County Court was one of the first county courts in Missouri to undergo the change and was fully paperless last year. Callaway County Clerk Judy Groner said she has had no objections to the new electronic filing.

"It's been amazing, we love it...the most amazing thing is the more time we have, it's been a real time saver," Groner said.

By the end of 2013, 27 circuit courts, the Missouri Court of Appealscourt and the Missouri Supreme Court will all be digital.