Boone County Unveils Plan for New 911 Center Technology

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COLUMBIA - Columbia and Boone County public safety officials witnessed a presentation at the Boone County Government Center Friday about plans to upgrade technology at the current 911 center and to implement new technology at the county's new planned 911 center.

"What's important to look at when we open the new Boone County Joint Communications facility is that we make sure that they have the best systems in place to receive 911 calls from the public and the best systems to be able to dispatch those calls to emergency responding units," Mission Critical Partners Senior Consultant Kathy McMahon said.

Mission Critical Partners technology will be used to upgrade the 911 center system. McMahon said the new facility should be in place sometime next year, and now the Boone County Commission is attempting to get everyone on the same page.

"We're taking the systems that are in place now and updating them with new technology," McMahon said. "These systems have to be able to accommodate new communication methods that the public has come to expect."

McMahon referenced being able to communicate through text and multimedia as examples of ways to improve the system. The Boone County Commission also wants to put computers and mapping technology in ambulances and police vehicles.