Boone Hospital Center Celebrates New \"Healing Garden\"

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COLUMBIA - Boone Hospital Center and Boone Hospital Foundation celebrated the official completion of a 'Healing Garden' Friday. The space is designed for patients and family members to get away from the hospital environment. The garden includes walking paths, benches, flowers, waterfalls and bridges.

Barbara Danuser, executive director of the Boone Hospital Foundation, said more than 280 people donated to the garden's building process. 

"People gave because they believe it was a good thing for the family, visitors, and employees. We have raised $220,000." 

Danuser said the hospital started construction on the garden in Fall 2011 when there was an empty space between the new hospital tower and the central tower.

"We wanted to do something extra for the patients," Danusar said. She also said Boone Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the region to have an outdoor healing garden, and said the garden allows patients to step out of the hospital and into a natural environment.

Danusar also said patients could listen to soothing music that's constantly playing, watch the waterfall, and walk around to see the engravements on pavements, wall panels, trees and benches.

One of the main features of the garden is the circle area where the path is made up of about two hundred engraved bricks. These bricks were purchased for all sorts of different dedications such as celebrating being cancer free for five years, newborn children, and thanking caregivers.

The garden space will also be used for musical perfomances through the summer.