Boone Hospital could become an independent local hospital

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday Boone Hospital trustees announced two future management options.

The trustees announced the options are either a partnership with a national healthcare provider or moving forward as a locally-owned independent hospital.

“Are we going to get the same level of care or better?” Teresa Davis, Boone Hospital visitor, said.

The hospital's announcement comes about a year after a deal to partner with MU Health fell through.

"The trustees are interested and focused on what the best solution is for the patients and the community, and whatever form or option that takes is what it will be," said Tom Schneider, attorney for the Boone County Hospital Board of Trustees. 

Davis said "cheaper costs and accepting all types of insurance" are some of her concerns in addition to having a quality care.

The trustees won't make a decision until a public meeting allows the community to provide their input.  

Boone Hospital Center is currently partnered with BJC Healthcare. This partnership means that BJC makes the daily decisions regarding the operation of the hospital. If Boone Hospital Center becomes independent, the trustees and a management company will make the decisions, according to Schneider.

The board is in the process of building a model for funding and doing more research to choose the best decision. Schneider said the process is nearing completion.

The trustees have not announced a date for the public meeting.