Boone Impact Group launches new website

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COLUMBIA - The Boone Impact Group, made up of organizations like United Way and Boone County Community Services, is working to improve community development.

The group made its new data driven website available to the public this week.

The Boone Indicators Dashboard uses data and “community indicators” to inform the public on local issue areas like health, education and housing.

"The purpose of the dashboard is to help establish a uniform set of data that we can look at in coming up with community decisions and planning for greater capacity initiatives to make sure we're making a real difference," Heart of Missouri United Way Executive Director Andrew Grabau said. 

The group said one its main goals was to provide as much data as it can for the Boone County area. 

"It allows any non-profit organization or any individual to look at the data to see what are some of the top issues in our community and look at some of the long term effects to propose specific programs that can improve or maintain those issues," Grabau said. 

Grabau said the website breaks down the data into various demographics.

"If you look on the dashboard you can see it broken down by age, socioeconomic levels, even high school attainment levels," Grabau said. 

The website is also designed to help local organizations and individuals plan, invest and monitor their community. 

"It's about holding us accountable as a community, it's more than just what happens within the 12 percent of the time we have students in school, and in order to truly move that needle we need to work together," Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said. 

Grabau said he hopes in the future the dashboard will help to improve community development.

"If we're all looking at the same numbers, the same data set, then we'll make investments in key programs who are helping those who are most at need," Grabau said.