Boonville Buys Burned Out Buildings

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BOONVILLE - It's a burned-out building, but Boonville taxpayers now own it. The Boonville City Council decided Monday to buy the Stein House property on Main Street.

This comes after the council gave the owners 30 days to clean up or sell the "hazardous building". 

Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said the city will officially own the building March 22nd. She said the purchase was something the city had to do otherwise it would continue to just sit there.

After the deal closes, Thacher said the city will demolish the place. The city will clean the area, possibly lay down grass and sell it. Right now no one has come forward showing interest in buying the property, so no telling what might develop.

The city did not buy all of the buildings affected by the fire. The owner of the building next door, which used to be Charlie Brown Insurance Company, was given 15 extra days to come up with a plan a present clean up or get out.

The mayor said she is confident the owner of that property will come up with the plan because she has done a lot of cleaning of the property and has shown a lot of interest in using it again some day.