Boonville Cleans Sewage Spill

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BOONVILLE - Crews worked Friday in Boonville to clean up wastewater released into a stream from a nearby lift station. A news relase by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources stated a lift station failure caused the release of an estimated 400,000 gallons of wastewater into a nearby creek. The amount of sewage would be enough to fill about two-thirds of an olympic sized swimming pool.

The state Department of Natural Resources said officials discovered the spill Wednesday afternoon. The agency said it appears that an electrical system failed at a lift station, allowing the wastewater to bypass a treatment plant and flow into the creek. An investigator discovered a fish kill in the stream about 250 yards from where the stream flows into the Missouri River.

KOMU 8 went to Boonville to speak with city officials about the wastewater leakage, but was told Boonville Director of Public Works, M.L. Cauthon III was on vacation. Cauthon's secretary said he was the only one who could speak with the media. Boonville City Administrator, Irl Tessendorf was also absent.

City crews were cleaning up areas around manholes that overflowed because of the failure. An official with the Missouri Health Department, who would not release his name, said the water burst beneath a manhole12 feet underground.

Larry Archer, a public information officer at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources said it was a large amount of water, but even if it were to mix in with the Missouri River, the effects would be limited.

Archer also said none of the contaminated water got into the city's drinking supply. The city plans to pump the spilled wastewater back into the treatment plant where it will be treated.