Boonville Hostess Bakery Prepares to Close

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BOONVILLE - With Hostess' bankruptcy filing, the bakery in Boonville will be closing it's doors.  The factory in Boonville employs around 100 people.  A nationwide labor dispute at other factories led to this closing.

Workers in Boonville did not join the nationwide protest. 

The bakery outlet in Boonville will be slashing prices on all products beginning Saturday morning. The manager said whatever products are left must be sold before the outlet shuts it's doors for the last time on Monday.

Julie Thatcher, Mayor of Boonville, said losing the Hostess plant will cause about 100 people to lose their jobs.  The Economic Development Director called Thatcher Friday morining around 6 a.m. to tell her the factory was shutting it's doors.

The economic development department is currently contacting neighboring towns to spread the word that these employees will be looking for jobs. Thatcher said the best situation would be if someone bought the Hostess brand and reopened the plant in Boonville.




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