Boonville is planning to build a $5 million sports complex

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BOONVILLE- The City of Boonville is planning to build a new sports complex, which will bring more soccer opportunities to central Missouri.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Ficken said the project will include the addition of 7 soccer fields near the high school.

“Well the idea for the fields basically evolved by the partnership between the city and the school district on some land that didn’t have a lot of use for the school district, but was adjacent to town and I-70,” Dr. Ficken said.  

The Mayor of Boonville, Julie Thacher, said the location makes the future complex an ideal niche market for tournaments.

“It’s sort of an economic driver for us. Tourism is something we can do right now and we’re looking for ways to draw people to town and spend money,” Thacher said.

Thacher said the project will cost $5 million, which is possible because of a ½ cent sales tax passed back in 2012.

“We hope to get a dome that will be the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae,” Thacher said.

Additionally, Dr. Ficken said a lot of money will be saved because the soccer fields are going to be built next to existing concessions, bathrooms, and parking.

The president of the Boonville R-1 Board of Education, Charlie Melkersman, said, “it’s remarkable to come together with these types of dollars setting out there and benefit the school district and the community.”

In addition to the soccer fields, a synthetic turf, along with lights, will also be added to the high school practice baseball field.

Dr. Ficken said this is being done in return for the school district’s donation of land to the city.

He also said there was some concern the main baseball field, Twillman Field, would no longer be used. However, he said it will still be used for games unless it gets rained out. If it does, the practice field would then be used.

Thacher said the soccer field development is still in the engineering phase and it will likely be next year, or the end of this year, before anything moves forward.