Boonville looks to gun manufacturer to fill economic void

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BOONVILLE - An assault rifle manufacturer known as CMMG is looking to relocate to Boonville, Missouri.

Currently, the gun plant resides in Fayette, Missouri just 15 miles away. 

Boonville Economic Development Director Jim Gann said the small town of Boonville suffered more than 1,500 manufacturing job losses.

If CMMG were to relocate, Gann said "the plant would bring 52 jobs and would expand some."

He also said the majority of the community is "for gun rights rather than gun restrictions."

People questioned along the street unanimously answered they like the idea of the gun making plant being in their town.

Local resident Liz Davis said, "There seems to be a lot of hate and discontent around town. I've been to the last two city council meetings. People apparently have the apparently mistaken impression that as soon as it gets here, Boonville is going to be known around the world as the rifle city of the world or something. You don't think of Fayette and rifles. When you think of Fayette, you think of the college."

However, the decision is still up for discussion as there are several community members that are concerned.

Council member Susan Meadows said, "she feels the rifle manufacturer does not fit the town's rich history in Missouri river culture."

Also she disliked the idea of providing taxpayer money to a company whose products are so controversial.

The decision of what happens next will be made by CMMG as well as from the next public support meeting by the industrial development authority.