Boonville Man Blames Verizon for Internet Restriction

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BOONVILLE - One Verizon Wireless customer said he has filed a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General, due to the company restricting his internet access.

Verizon customer, Dwayne Murphy, said he blames the company for restricting his internet access, although he is on an unlimited data plan.

Murphy said, "I just hope one day a politician will bring some type of bill up that make them honor what we agreed to, because we cant change what we pay if we loose our Internet access."

Murphy said he pays sixty dollars a month for a 3G mobile hot-spot device with broadband service and Wi-Fi capability.

Murphy claims although he has an unlimited data plan, Verizon continues to "throttle" or slow down his Internet once he uses five GB of data, even though his plan states he has unlimited access.

"It is an unlimited plan for sixty dollars a month and that is what we continue to pay today," Murphy said. "The issue is now that they (Verizon) decided to change the plans to after 5 gig, they start throttling us back."

According to multiple sources, it is not uncommon for various cell phone companies to throttle the heaviest data users back on the 3G wireless network. Since Verizon services more customers on a network that doesn't have as much capacity, there is more opportunity for congestion.

"They're saying it is unlimited because they are not cutting us off, they are just throttling us back," Murphy said. "My response is if you're limiting my speed, that's not truly unlimited. There should be no restrictions."

Murphy said he thinks the contracts with Verizon are very one-sided, and seem to favor the corporations or companies more than the consumer.