Boonville opens new addition to Katy Trail bridge

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BOONVILLE - A new addition to the Katy Trail pedestrian bridge in Boonville opened to the public Saturday.

The span extends 250 feet over the Missouri River, leading right up to a lift that moves up and down, connecting it to other parts of the bridge. 

Part of the renovation included a path over the railroad tracks.

Boonville Assistant City Administrator Kate Fjell said the city of Boonville and the Katy Bridge Coalition started planning the restoration in 2012 when they applied for a federal grant. 

Fjell said the groups felt is was important to restore the bridge because of its iconic status in Boonville. 

"We just felt like the Katy Bridge is an iconic landmark of Boonville," Fjell said. "It's something that people always recognize and they remember it, and so we felt like it was something very integral to our community and it needed to stay here."

Fjell said the project was completed using $900,000 in grants, foundation funds and tax credits to finish. 

Gov. Jay Nixon was at the bridge Saturday morning for a ceremonial ribbon cutting, opening the new span of the bridge to the public. 

Fjell said she hopes people enjoy the new view over the river.

"I just think it's such a unique experience and such a great way to go out and see the bridge and I just hope everyone gets a chance to go out and see it during the spring and summer," she said. 

However, this was only the first phase of the Katy Trail bridge restoration the groups have planned. Fjell said they are currently looking for more funding to continue restoring other sections of the bridge.