Boonville public schools discuss reopening plans

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BOONVILLE - Boonville R-1 School District discussed reopening plans Monday evening.

Administrators talked about mask expectations for students, staff and those with medical issues.

District leaders also talked about how parents should act with their children.

“We’re going to use more hand sanitizer,” district officials said. “We’re going to expect you to keep your kids home if they’re sick and to be engaged and to teach your children what it means to be safe.”

School officials had a motion for staff to be expected to wear masks if they are within six feet of another person.

“I move that our standard be for faculty and staff face masks are expected when physical distancing cannot be met,” said school officials.


District leaders also debated about how students with medical issues should be managed if they cannot wear a mask.


“I expect you to wear, you are expected or we request,” said an administrator. “I think a medical reason not to wear one is a good reason not to wear one but I think a medical reason to wear one is a good reason.”

Administrators also talked about in-person or virtual classes, social distancing, and other COVID-19 concerns.

Boonville officials said their final plan will be out tomorrow on their website.