boonville Public Schools needs voters help to fix leaking roofs

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BOONVILLE - Boonville Public Schools is asking voters to approve a $9 million school bond to fix the district's leaking roofs and broken HVAC units.

But a four sevenths supermajority, 57.14 percent of voters, are needed to approve the bond.

Joe Henke, who is a teacher at Boonville High School for about ten years, said he's seen the affects of water damage first hand.

He said a ceiling tile over his desk swelled up until it exploded on his desk.

"It shattered like a water balloon almost," said Henke. "There was just tile everywhere. The kids got a chuckle out of it"

According to the school district, leaking roofs have created textbook damage, distractions in the classroom and water damage to ceiling tiles.

Josie Johnson, a junior at Boonville High School, said garbage cans cover hallways, staircases and classrooms across Boonville Public Schools.

She said the leaks come from roofs in desperate need of repairs

"It's defiantly just an obstacle course to get around the schools," said Johnson.