Boonville receives big honor

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BOONVILLE - Sandy Stock has lived in Boonville since 1963. She says the best part about the town is that she always feels safe. 

"In Boonville, I don't think there's any place we have to be afraid to go into," Stock said. "It's just a safe place to live." 

She said she thinks it's evolved over time but some things remain the same. 

"It has changed a lot. We had a lot more little stores up and down the street when I was growing up. We had a drive in theater," Stock said. "But the people haven't changed. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming." 

Boonville made it on The Smithsonian Institute's list of 20 best small towns to visit in 2015. It's cited for the many historical landmarks and locations in the town. 

Stock said she thinks there is security in living in a small town and that big cities can be much more dangerous. 

"Too many people, too many things going on. You have to watch your kids so much closer," Stock said. "You have to watch yourself so much closer. You have to watch where you go."

There are things everyone can learn from visiting small towns like Boonville, Stock said. 

"Just the small town values. We have a slower pace here. Take one less task a day or one less task a week and you would be happier."