Boonville recovering after fire

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BOONVILLE - Buerky's BBQ opened the first weekend in July and Wednesday night the cashier got a call saying a building near the business was on fire.

Lisa Oldham, Buerky's BBQ cashier, came to the scene after the call and saw the building collapse on two firefighters.

"When it caved in-instead of coming down-it kind of came out. So it kind of went like a domino effect and came over into the alley a little bit," said Oldham.

Oldham said she could hear the building make popping sounds before it collapsed.

"You knew it was going to give out. As soon as that happened it just went down," she said.

Three firefighters were sent to the hospital Wednesday. One with an ankle injury, who was released Wednesday, another for heat exhaustion who was also released Wednesday, and Clark Greis who has substantial injuries and is still at the University Hospital.

Clark has been a volunteer firefighter at Boonville Fire Department since 1986.

Oldham said seeing the firefighters injured really hit home.

"My heart skipped a beat because I used to be a firefighter so I know what that is like," said Oldham.

Oldham is thankful Buerky's BBQ is untouched.

"We had a smoker that was in some of the smoke, but it will be fine. We're just waiting for clean-up so we can get back into our parking lot," she said.

Boonville Fire Department Chief Tim Carmichael said the cause of the fire is due to an electrical issue.

The fire caused a structure on Main and Chestnut Street to collapse.

Building debris covered the area where the structure stood. Pieces of metal, wood, and bricks were all that remained of the building. 

Firefighters from the Boonville Fire Department and Cooper County Fire Protection District responded to the scene shortly before 8 p.m. 

Ameren Missouri crews also responded.

A lieutenant on the scene said none of the surrounding buildings were damaged. 

One business is without air conditioning, another without a parking lot, and the tenets in the apartment of one of the connect buildings is waiting for the clear to come back to their home.