Boonville Replacing Nearly 150 Trees

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BOONVILLE - After removing nearly 150 trees six years ago, the city of Boonville is in the process of replacing them. In 2006, the city hired an arborist to assess the trees of Boonville. City workers removed trees deemed hazardous.

"By developing the Tree Grant Program, our goal was to go out into the community and tell the community 'We've had to remove this tree from your front yard, but we're going to give you a replacement tree,'" Director of Parks Gary Nauman said.

Boonville residents must fill out a form to ask the city to replace trees that were taken out of their front yards or other public properties.

However, Nauman said only 32 of the 150 trees have been replaced so far.

"It depends on the property owner whether they want to put something back or not. I think sometimes some of them are a little afraid [they think] 'The tree they took out got back on us and had to be removed. I don't want a tree back there,'" Nauman said. "So we are trying to really encourage folks to apply for the trees so we can provide them with replacement trees."

The historic part of Boonville received the most replacement trees.

Judy Reninger has lived in Boonville for 11 years on High Street.

"We do have replacement trees all the time," Reninger said. "[The neighbors] had a tree that needed to be taken down and they replaced it."

Nauman said the city planted trees in front of least four houses along High Street as a part of the Tree Grant Program.

In addition to street right-of-ways, the city also removed trees in local parks. At Harley Park, the city said its ahead of the game.

"We have removed 10 or 12 trees from Harley Park and we've actually planted back close to 15," Nauman said. "Some of those trees are memorial trees."

Nauman said the program costs the city $20,000 to $30,000 per year. Each replacement tree costs the city $75 to $150, not including the labor to plant it. The program is funded by gaming revenue at the local casino.

The city of Boonville is planning to have another tree assessment within in the next two weeks.