Boonville Woman Claims Workplace Discrimination

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BOONVILLE - A Boonville woman claims she was fired based on discrimination. Bethany Beach worked at Happy China restaurant and says once her boss found out she was pregnant a few days ago, she fired her on the spot.

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"It's not a good feeling," Beach said. "I don't think it's right for someone to fire you because you're pregnant. I was still able to perform my duties and work my shifts. I had no accidents or anything like that."

Beach says the Happy China manager said she had been a good employee and even gave her extra hours when she needed them.

A Happy China worker says Beach fired for a different reason.

"She was fired because we were looking for friendly, energetic people and she was always tired all the time," Lakrista Baker said. "We had customers complain about her."

Baker also said Happy China told Beach she could come back to work after the baby is born in December. Beach says she does not plan to go back to work there and wants to take legal action against the restaurant.