Boost BBQ

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JEFFERSON CITY - For 20 years in a row, the Jefferson City community has laid a blow to breast cancer.

The Naught-Naught Agency and local leaders expect to raise $30,000 Thursday night from their silent auction and barbecue. 

The proceeds go toward a nutritional drink called Boost and wigs that are then donated to local cancer patients. Boost provides important nutritients for patients going through chemotherapy. The small drink comes in cases of 24 and with a price tag of $25.

For Rosie Verslues, the event is about more than raising money. "I was diagnoised with breast cancer in 1986" Verslues said, "and I thank God everyday that he spared me and let me live so I feel like I need to give and help other patients along the way."

Verslues has also volunteered at the American Cancer since 1977, the same year her father and grandfather died of prostate cancer.

The more than 1,000 people that made it to the Jefferson City Jaycee Fairgrounds had the chance to donate to the cause by bidding on items from gift cards to gardening supplies and flowers to furniture. 

"I just call people in the community and say "Can you donate something for our auction?" and I've been doing for 18 years and this grows every year," Verslues said.

For those feeling extra lucky, there was a $1,000 raffle and for those feeling hungry, there was a barbecue buffet.

The annual event is Naught-Naught and other groups only fundraiser.  In two decades, the auction and barbecue has brought in half a million dollars, thousands of cases of Boost and even more smiles.