Border War Rivalry Could Take to the Streets

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COLUMBIA - The Kansas University Alumni Association is working to make a KU license plate in Missouri. The license plate would appear as early as June 2013. More than 30,000 Kansas alumni call Missouri home, so the alumni association expects them to sell.

In order to have a license plate approved in Missouri, the state legislature needs to sponsor it. Missouri Rep. Charlie Denison, R-Springfield, is sponsoring the license plate. Denison is not a KU alumnus.The only other states besides Kansas with a KU license plate are Maryland and Texas. Alumni Association Senior Vice President for Communications Jennifer Sanner said, "It's simply the desire of our alumni across the nation to express their KU identity. Alumni in Maryland and Texas wanted to do that, and alumni in Missouri were very helpful. There's probably a sizable portion that would want to have Jayhawk plates."

Next, Denison's committee needs to approve the license plate in the 2013 legislative session. If that happens, the alumni association would need to have 200 completed applications for the plates in order to begin selling them.