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COLUMBIA - Law professors and students gathered in The MU School of Law Friday morning.  Gary Born, a leading lawyer in London, spoke to the group about international border battles at the Border Skirmishes Symposium.

Born is one of three lawyers in the world to receive "starred" status in the Chambers Rankings.  The Chambers Rankings are a researched-based lawyer ranking system.  Born's main point was that although border skirmishes are not ideal, they are good. 

"Border skirmishes are a good most cases," said Born.  He said, "[Between the two governmental ideas,] the better will win.  It is definitely a healthy approach."

Students also attended the discussion had high interest in the topic.  Law students who have studied Born's work enjoyed listening to his views on border skirmishes. 

Along with the symposium, students entered a writing contest about border skirmishes.  The contest was sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) North American Branch. Three students from MU won the contest.  Their work may also be published in the Journal of Dispute Resolution along with other symposium papers.