Bothwell Lodge caves

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SEDALIA — Bothwell Lodge uses caves to cool the entire three-store building.

Bothwell Lodge Historic Site Administrator Marissa Cowen said, "We have three natural caves on the property, two of which run under the home, one of those two caves was used as the cool air system."

Cowen said the caves have an interesting story. In the early 1900's the owner, John Homer Bothwell, was looking for land so he could build a home for his closet friends and family. After discovering the caves, Bothwell decided to build the home around them, thinking they would be a unique feature.

Bothwell had strategically-placed windows installed and pipes to better improve air ventilation throughout the home.

Cowen said all three caves still house bats.

Cowen said visitors can't go down to the two caves under the home because they are deep, but the lodge has old and new pictures showing the features of the caves.

Cowen said the third cave, in front of the lodge and can not be seen by any visitors because of it's placement near a cliff.

Cowen said Bothwell Lodge does not house guests and instead is used for tours and school retreats. The winter tours run through March 31, four days a week.