Boys and Girls Club Serving Dinner

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JEFFERSON CITY - Students at the Capitol City Boys and Girls Club are going home with more than minds full of knowledge; they are leaving will bellies full of warm nutritious meals.

Friday marked the first full week the organization provided more than snacks to students who attend the after school program.

Executive Director Stephanie Johnson has been at the organization less than a year. She began asking students questions to get to know them. She started with simple questions, "How was school today? What did you learn in class? What did you have for dinner last night?" Johnson said the responses became similar. Students could not remember if they had dinner.

Johnson told KOMU 8 one student walked to a convenient store to pick up food for dinner. Another student ate fast food for an entire month after leaving the after school program.

Johnson applied for a grant to supply students with a full hot nutritious dinner. The grant was accepted by the Department of Health and Senior Services and applied this week in Jefferson City. The grant requires all meals to follow specific nutritional guidelines.

Johnson expects the program to continue in popularity. One parent thanked Johnson for giving her child a hot meal. She said food stamps were not covering an entire month's food supply, and with the help of the new program, she would not have to worry about her child going hungry.