Braving the snow to remember MLK at Battle Gardens

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COLUMBIA - The snow and bitter cold did not stop the NAACP's Columbia chapter from remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The group gathered at the snow-covered Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Battle Gardens. The civil rights leader would have been 91 years old this year. 

First Vice President Pamela Hardin was directing cars with a hot drink in her hand. 

"For the weather, we're doing pretty good right now," she said as she told cars where to line up.

President Mary Ratliff said at the opening of the outdoor ceremony they wouldn't be standing there too long.

There were prayers, song and words shared about what the holiday stands for. For those in attendance it wasn't a day off work, but a day of remembrance.

Columbia police chief Geoff Jones, state auditor Nicole Galloway and other prominent Columbia names were in attendance.

Nancy Stockett was one of those standing in the snow waiting for the motorcade. 

"[King] did it and we can do it too," Stockett said when asked why she came out in the weather.

After the closing prayer, people rushed to their cars to get out of the cold and begin the motorcade to Second Baptist Church for a celebration program and luncheon.