BREAKING: Nicole Galloway announces run for governor

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COLUMBIA - State Auditor Nicole Galloway has officially announced she will run for governor of the state of Missouri.

Galloway made the announcement with a YouTube video Monday morning.

The campaign video covers several topics from Galloway's upbringing to her work as state auditor. She also explains what she believes is wrong with today's system of politics. Galloway says the current system is not working.

"It's a broken system -- the old way of doing politics. As auditor, I fought it. As governor, I'll end it," Galloway said.

Galloway is the only Democrat to hold a statewide office. She was re-elected as auditor in November 2018 after being appointed to the job in 2015 following the death of Tom Schweich.

KOMU 8 contacted the Missouri Democratic and Republican parties to hear their reactions.

Lauren Gepford, the executive director of the Missouri Democratic Party, said the party is looking forward to what Galloway will bring as a candidate.

"What we've seen from her proves that she's an exceptionally qualified candidate for the state's top executive office," she said. "And she's relatable to millions of Missourians."

The Missouri Republican Party was not as certain about Galloway's campaign.

Jean Evans, the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party, said Missourians need more information about Galloway before turning their head from incumbent Republican Governor Mike Parson.

"Voters from across the state are going to want to see who she really is," she said. "Is she going to come out and separate herself from the left-wing policies at the top of the Democratic party or is she going to carve a different path for herself?"

Steele Shippy, Gov. Parson's campaign manager, said a re-election announcement would be made in September, following Labor Day.

In a statement to KOMU 8, Shippy wrote, "Governor Parson and Missouri Republican leadership have not only paved the way for prosperity but also improved the lives of Missourians. Missouri cannot afford Liberal Nicole's agenda which would turn back the clock on these successes."