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CALLAWAY COUNTY - The Callaway County Collector's Office said Thursday that it is hanging on to residents' tax bills due to fine-tuning its new computing software. The collector told KOMU 8 News the old system was recently replaced and that the office will not send out any personal property or real estate tax bills until it is sure the software works perfectly.

County Collector Pam Oestreich said that with at least 16,000 real estate and 12,000 personal property tax bills to compute, the replacement couldn't wait.

"Our old system was not up to date, not current, so I made the decision to purchase a new software system. Right now, what we're doing is fine-tuning that," Oestreich said.

But Oestreich assured KOMU 8 News that the software change and delay was nothing for Callaway County residents to worry about.

"What I really want to note is that there are no big issues with the new program. It is just fine-tuning what we already have. Our value numbers match, our tax numbers match. It's just a matter of making sure that every vehicle is put on the tax bill correctly," Oestreich said.

Oestreich said the office aims to have the tax bills mailed to their recipients early next week.