Broken fuel tank releases diesel fuel at Mexico Hospital

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MEXICO - Crews continued to clean up diesel fuel Wednesday that spilled from a broken fuel tank at St. Mary's Hospital in Mexico.

Mexico Public Works Director Kensey Russell said some diesel fuel leaked into the stormwater system and the Waste Water Treatment plant.

"Crews continue to make progress on the clean-up," Russell said. "We've cleaned the fuel from the Waste Water Treatment Plant and are still working to free the fuel from the storm water system."

Russell said no one at the hospital or near the area at the time were harmed from the spill. The hospital has remained open and no one was evacuated as a result of the fuel leak.

In an email from Gena Terlizzi, Communications Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, confirms "the release occurred in the overnight hours between Monday night, February 23 and Tuesday morning, February 24."

Russell said the hospital uses the diesel fuel to power an underground stand-by generator. Initial reports indicate the release of diesel fuel was caused by a broken flow indicator. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources isn't sure how long the clean-up could take.