Brooke Wells finding CrossFit success

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COLUMBIA - Four years ago, Brooke Wells was a high school track sprinter. Fast forward to present day, and the 20-year-old has left track in the dust and has been thriving in CrossFit. 

"I started because I didn't think I was getting enough exercise doing track. So I did it to supplement track and ended up liking it," Wells said.

While CrossFit won't be in the Olympics this summer, the sport has its own games where the 40 best men and women compete in California. 

"CrossFit is pretty much being good at everything. You have to be good at Olympic lifting, the gymnastic movements. You have to have a good aerobic base," she said. 

Men and women compete in different workouts called "The Open" to qualify for their specific regions. Last year, more than 110,000 women competed in 16 different regions. Wells took sixth in the North Central region and qualified for the CrossFit Games. 

"I honestly went into last year just like 'this is my first year. I want to have fun, get some experience,' and I qualified for the games. Now, I want to get back to the games and improve my placement," she said. 

Wells was the youngest athlete competing at the games last year. She took 16th overall. After her first experience at the games, she has her mind set on bigger goals this year.

"I definitely want to make it back to the games and make top 10 at the games: preferably podium, but I think podium is more of a future goal," she said. 

Wells is only a junior at the University of Missouri, but she said she has found a way to balance the college life and training at CrossFit Fringe. 

"The first couple years it was hard because I was fresh in college. I just know my goals are way bigger than a couple nights out in college," she said. 

Her future goal is something she is determined to reach. 

"I mean, long term goals is to be the fittest woman on earth one day," Wells said. 

CrossFit Fringe owner Tyler Lasley has seen her improve since joining just two years ago. 

"You don't remember how good Brooke is until you see her workout with a normal class. Everybody gets that little bit of fan excitement when they see her, but when you work out with her everyday, she's just a normal person," Lasley said. 

Wells has three more weeks of "The Open." From there, she will learn if she qualifies for regionals in May.

From there, she could qualify for the CrossFit Games, which will be in southern California in mid-July.