Brookside Owners Apologize To Residents

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COLUMBIA -Brookside Apartment residents on College Avenue in Columbia got an e-mail from owners Friday, apologizing for confusion surrounding Thursday's move-in. A fire in May destroyed several apartments, and delayed construction. In the e-mail, Brookside officials said "Failing to keep a promise to you, our customer, is inexcusable....When you signed a lease with us, we made a promise that we would provide you with a home." "As we move forward, we will be taking action to remedy the situation. To start, we will be extending your free rent until Monday of next week. In addition, we have a response team that will be on-call and working all weekend to remedy issues."

KOMU called a number listed in the e-mail, but there was no answer. When KOMU showed up, Brookside staff said there was no one available on site to discuss the situation.

Students said they have mixed feelings about the past few days. Some said there's no point in being upset because there is nothing they can do about it. While others said the move-in process is a mess and they are upset about how things are unfolding.