Brookside Residents React To Break In

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COLUMBIA - Police are still looking for a man they believe is responsible for three recent burglaries.

At 3:11 am on Thursday morning, police responded to a burglary at Brookside apartment Complex on East Walnut Street. Police say a woman living in the complex there woke up to find an unknown man rolling on top of her. Once she woke up, the main quickly left the unlocked appartment.

Police believe the incident is connected to a July 26th burglary at the same Brookside complex when the female victim reported she woke up to an intruder in her bed touching her sexually, who then got up to put his pants on. Police are also connecting the burglary to a June 29th incident less than a half mile away at 1300 Anthony Street. In all three cases, victims described the man as being white, around 5'7" with a thin build and short brown hair.

Some residents at Brookside aren't taking any more chances.

"We've defintely locked the doors," Brookside resident Morgan Chaney said. "I put up a little sticker that says 'Please lock me when you leave' so no one forgets. We're just taking precautions."

Sergeant Joe Bernhard of the Columbia Police Department said locking doors and wndows is exactly what residents should do.

 "I think a lot of people, especially college students, they'll leave their doors unlocked for roommates or friends," Bernhard said. "Don't do that. Make them knock and have you let them in. Know who it is before you unlock the door."

The polcie are continuing to investigate all three instances and ask residents to remain vigilant.