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COLUMBIA - The FastCAT program moves forward with full speed today after Columbia City Council approved rezoning part of Walnut Street for more Brookside Apartments Monday night.

The Odle brothers agreed, as part of the agreement with the city, to purchase FastCAT passes for all its residents and buy $10,000 worth of advertising on the side of buses. They will also construct a left turn lane on Walnut Street onto College and build a 48-inch storm water pipe down Walnut Street for the new traffic the apartments will create.

Before the Odle brothers added the amendment offering the bus support and road improvements, city council was unanimously against the rezoning. Director of Healthy Community Initiatives for the PedNet Coalition Sam Robinson said that even though the impact will be large, the FastCAT program would have happened anyway.

"They are helping advance the project. They are letting the city do what it does best, provide transportation to its citizens," said Robinson.

Robinson also said some of the FastCAT buses will have WiFi and TVs.