brush fire boone county

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COLUMBIA — Boone County Fire Department responded to a brush fire in the 11 thousand block of I-70 drive. The fire started as an intentional and controlled burn that quickly spread into an uncontrollable situation. Fireman were sent to the scene and reported that upon arrival the flames were spread faster than walking speed.

Assistant Chief of Boone County Fire Department, Gail Blomenkamp, said the department got the call that the fire was spreading quickly and their first concern was making sure the fire didn’t reach housing structures in the surrounding areas.

“Our first item of business was structural protection for any houses that may be threatened by this moving fire. The fire continued to move in the northeast direction and we had crews flanking both sides of the fire to contain the fire in that way,” Blomenkamp said.

The fire was contained within about 40 minutes according to Doug Westhoff, the staff chief also on the scene. The fire doesn’t come as a shock on a day like today added Blomenkamp, and he doesn’t expect it to be the last call the department receives either.

“We have an elevated fire danger today with winds above 5 to 10 miles per hour. We would recommend or strongly recommend no open burning whatsoever. People may think that the ground is wet and even though the ground may be wet, the plants are dead or dormant so there is no uptake in moisture, they aren’t green and are very dry,” Blomenkamp said.

Blomenkamp continued that he fully expects there to me multiple calls the rest of the day with such high winds and rising temperatures in this dry time of year.