Bubbles for Isabelle Begins Blanket Distribution

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JEFFERSON CITY- Turning grief into action- that's the process behind a blanket donation for children in Joplin. The donation program isn't an ordinary one- it's called Bubbles for Isabelle. Only a few days before the tragedy in Joplin, Richard and Kelley van der Meer faced a tragedy of their own- while they were all visiting relatives in Jefferson City, their daughter, two year-old Isabelle suddenly died.

The van der Meer's created Bubbles for Isabelle in memory of their daughter and as a way to help those in Joplin. One of Isabelle's favorite activities was blowing bubbles so in order to get involved in the program, the family started a facebook page (Bubbles for Isabelle) for people to post pictures of themselves or their loved ones blowing bubbles.

For each picture posted (or emailed), the van der Meer's matched it with one blanket. Their goal was to have 300 pictures posted so they could match them with 300 blankets to send to Joplin. The family exceeded their goal. The van der Meer's will continue accepting pictures to put up on the facebook page until July 24th, the day their daughter would've turned three.

Jefferson City's, Red Cross is just one distribution center for the program.

File photo courtesy of Rhett Maxwell on Flickr Creative Commons.