Building Collapse

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Sedalia - City officials spent Friday afternoon trying to determine what caused a downtown building to collapse on Thursday night. City officials said no one was injured and that the building was used for storage.

This is the third building on the same street to fall down in the last two years, said Brad Kindle, the building's owner. Kindle also owned another of the buildings that have fallen.

Andy Burt, the city's chief building official, said that although they had not yet determined the exact cause of the collapse, there isn't a correlation between this building and the others that fell.

"The only correlation is that they're all old buildings. All of them were a hundred plus years old. They're in close proximity, but the nature of the collapse hasn't been determined yet on this one. I'd hate to speculate as to any correlation between it," said Burt.

However, Kindle called the fact that three buildings fell down on the same street within two years strange.

"I'm not an engineer, but that we would have all done all the work to the sewers and dig them things up, and that we would be having buildings that would be falling now just out of nowhere? So is there anything to that? I don't have the answer to that. I just think it's strange that we've had three buildings fall in a two year time frame within a one block radius all together," said Kindle.

A neighbor told KOMU he was not afraid, even though he lives next door to the building that toppled last night. He said it isn't shocking for such an old building to fall.

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