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HALLSVILLE - The Boone County Youth Coalition hosted a presentation from Tina Meier of the Megan Meier Foundation about bullying Thursday night.

The foundation is named after Tina’s daughter, Megan, who took her life years ago after being the target of cyber bullying.

Meier spoke about her personal experience of parenting a child through bullying, and provided tips on ways to get through to teens. She focused on two major pieces of advice.

First, she suggested that parents not ban social media from their kids, rather allow and monitor it. She said some parents can be unrealistic with their restrictions.

“Sometimes, we get scared and say ‘no, it's my way or the highway.’ But with technology, when they have access to it everywhere, it doesn't work that way,” Meier said.

She said instead parents should focus on having honest conversations with their kids, on terms they understand.

“Asking a kid if they’re getting bullied is never going to get a good response out of them. Instead, ask them is there are any rumors going around the school; talk to them the way their friends would talk to them about the situation,” Meier said.