Bullying A Growing Concern in Elementary Schools

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COLUMBIA - Bullying has become an ever growing issue and one that's starting as early as the primary grades. Me'Khi Williams is a first grader who endured more than seven months of taunting and physical harassment from another student.

Shamon Williams, Me'Khi's mother, said she exhausted all resources trying to end the bullying her son suffered through. Williams said she spoke with the teacher, the Assistant Principal and the Principal at her son's now former school, Blueridge Elementary. She also wrote a letter to the Columbia Public Schools Board of Education discussing her son's situation. Williams said never got a response. She also said that she believes bullying at such a young age is overlooked as kids just being kids but that it's an issue that needs to be addressed.

Chris Belcher, Columbia Public Schools Superintendent said the district takes bullying very seriously but agreed that the school district as a whole needs to look closer at stopping bullying in the primary grades before it gets out of hand. Belcher said the problem often is that it's hard to pin-point who is at fault in a bullying scenario.