Bunceton to host first Cherokee Pow-Wow

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Bunceton- Bunceton will host its first ever Cherokee New Year Intertribal Pow-Wow the weekend of October 2-4.

Members of the Native American community started arriving Friday morning. Tribe members will celebrate the New Year by participating in traditional tribal dances, trading and bartering, and reconnecting with friends and family.


On Friday, the tribes invited local schools to attend educational presentations at the Pow-Wow.


Mashu White Feather, an elder of the Cherokee Nation said educating students is important to the future of their culture.


“Schools don’t know about us. They need to know we are still here. This is one of our ways to tell people who we are, that we’re still here, and on a positive note so that people are more educated about our people.”


Cherokees from around the world - Oklahoma, California, and even New Zealand have traveled to mid-Missouri for the New Year Pow-Wow.


Drums from around the country have been brought in for the New Year ceremonies, White Feather said are about forgiveness.


“It is a time of year, it’s called Friendship Ceremony where we forget all of our grudges and hate for people and we start off the year all new.”


The public is invited to attend the Pow-Wow throughout the rest of the weekend, October 2-4.