Burmese refugee's Boone County home gets makeover

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BOONE COUNTY - A Burmese refugee's home is getting a makeover courtesy of Fairview Road Church. Klo Paw came to the United States with his family of five a few years ago, fleeing the Myanmar Regime. He bought his home less than a year ago.

"It's been very difficult for them [the family]. They have been without a country for a long time now,"  said Lori Stoll, director for the City of Refuge charitable organization.

Stoll said Paw's home needs a lot of improvement work.

"This has really encouraged me so much, it's showing me the community cares, that people are not forgotten in America, that there are people that want to help others," said Stoll.

The project is Fairview Road Church's sixth extreme home makeover and is part of its community outreach ministry program which it started in 2008.

"We go to different organizations, different churches, different charities, groups that work with people in need, and we ask them if they know anybody in need," said Dean Bossert, extreme makeover project coordinator.

Paw is not a member of the Fairview Road Church community. He said he is grateful for the community's efforts to help him and his family.